Culinary traditions

Traditional taste

North-Eastern Poland is a place that delights, it stays in memory for a long time not only thanks to the beauty of nature, but also to the delicious cuisine.

“Morena” offers fresh home-made meals: breakfasts, lunches and dinners and regional dishes. The secret lies not only in the method of preparing dishes. We prepare everything by our own means, traditional and proven methods, using the highest quality products. The simplicity of the dishes and their unforgettable taste, which is difficult to experience in city restaurants causes that many people visit us passing by or chooses especially for a weekend dinner to Hołn Mejer near the border crossing in Ogrodniki.Wszystkie products are bought on the spot, we know every supplier for years. Thanks to this, we are sure that the quality of food products is the highest. The vegetables come mostly from our backyard garden. In the summer season they are always fresh.


BREAKFAST (served until 11:00)

Scrambled eggs with 2 eggs
Omelette 150g
Cottage cheese 100g
Frankfurters with water units. 3
Sausage from water 150g
Breakfast set: cold meats, cheese, white cheese, butter, seasonal vegetables, jam, bread. Hot to choose from: scrambled eggs with two eggs, sausage from water, sausages 3 pcs, eggs fried 2 pcs, corn flakes with milk
Cocoa 200 ml
Brewed coffee
Instant coffee
Extras to choose from: mustard, ketchup, horseradish
Bread to choose from: bread or rolls
Coffee from the espresso machine, latte, cappuccino

Dish of the day 300g (waiter informs)

Soup of the day, second dish, salad


Tripe cooked by the recipe of a 270 ml restaurant
Sour soup prepared according to the recipe of the restaurant (egg, sausage, spices) 70 ml
Goulash rich in pork and vegetables (simply familiar)
Bean is a great source of protein and we have it (we prepare only in autumn and winter) 270 ml
Soup of the day (ask the waiter)

Dishes for children

Tripe cooked by the recipe of a 270 ml restaurant
Frankfurters with water units. 3
Pancakes with chocolate cheese 150g

Meatless dishes

Pancake with cheese and chocolate 150g
Potato pancakes, 6 pcs. 180g
Grandma's milkmaids with cream and salad


Vegetable salad 100g
Vegetable salad mix
Jam (table spoon)
Bread or muffin
Ketchup (table spoon)
Mustard or horseradish (table spoon)
Water with lemon (jug)

Regional dishes

Kartacze / Cepeliny pcs 2 (potatoes, flour, pork, spices, cooked)
Kakory from the oven (potato-potato luminaire, lentils, meat, spices, baked in the oven, served with sour cream and salad) 400g
Factors in baked clay (pork, cabbage, potatoes, cheese, pickled cucumber) 350g
Lithuanian pancakes item 2 (pork, potatoes, poppy seeds, fried) 300g
Potato pancakes (served with cream 6 pieces) 180g
Pancakes with cheese and chocolate (white cheese, flour, chocolate) 150g
Soczewiaki granny with cream (lentils, potato-potato setting, cream) 350g

Meat dish

Leśnika cutlet (pork loin, spices, cheese, served on chanterelles, potatoes or French fries, salad) 350g
Chef's chop (minced meat, spices, pickled cucumber, potatoes, salad) 350g
Crispy chicken breast (chicken fillet, spices, corn flakes, potatoes or French fries, salad) 350g
Pork loin in Lithuanian (pineapple, pork, cheese, potatoes or French fries, salad) 350g
Pork chop in Viennese (egg, pork, potatoes or French fries, salad) 350g
Sausage from a pan with onions (salad, sausage, onion, potatoes or French fries) 300g
Traditional pork chop (pork, potatoes or French fries, salad) 300g
Chicken breast (chicken fillet, salad, potatoes or fries) 300g

Hot drinks

Coffee from the machine 150ml
Latte coffee 150ml
Cappuccino coffee 150ml
Coffee brewed 150ml
Espresso coffee 50ml
Instant coffee 150ml
Coffee with milk 200ml
Black tea 200ml
Black tea with lemon 200ml
Fruit tea 200ml
Green tea 200ml
Cocoa 200ml


Cold Apple pie
Hot apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream
Cheesecake served with raspberry or strawberry sauce
Ice cream

Cold drinks

CAPPY 250ml juices (orange, apple, multivitamin, grapefruit, blackcurrant, tomato)
Coca cola 250ml
Coca cola zero 250ml
Burn 250ml
Coca cola 500ml
Fanta 500ml
Sprite 500ml
Nestea 500ml
Bread acid 500ml
Water 1.5l
Water / non-gas. 500ml


Piwo rozlewane 0.5 l
Draft beer 0.3 l
Bottled beer 0.5 l
Beer can 0.5 l
Dry wine 50ml
Semi-dry wine 50ml
Sweet wine 50ml
Semi-sweet wine 50ml
Vodka 50ml
Whisky 50ml
Liqueurs 50ml