Area Attractions

Exceptional surroundings

The Sejny Region is clean air, lakes, forests and many cult and cultural assets. A great starting point for small and large groups to Lithuania, even to the beautiful city of Vilna, 150 km away. Located near Augustów gives a chance for a cruise on the papal ship. You can also admire the natural beauty of the Augustów Primeval Forest and the Wigry National Park with the Podominikan monastery (30 km).

Within 100 km there are Stańczyki with its breathtaking views extending from overpasses. The nearby town of Sejny (12km) gives you the chance to visit the Podominikan Monastery Complex with a Renaissance-style Baroque basilica with the statue of Our Lady of Sejny, famous for many miracles and graces.

Lunch for tour groups

Lunch suggestions for cruise groups

Tomato soup or chicken soup with noodles

You can choose: / one

  1. pork chop, potatoes, salad, compote
  2. pork roast, potatoes, salad, compote
  3. minced pork chop in vegetable sauce, potatoes, compote
  4. kartacz 2 pcs, compote

Tomato soup, broth with noodles, sorrel, cucumber, vegetable

To choose: / one /

  1. Lumberjack chop (pork loin with tatar sauce, and bacon), potatoes, salad, compote
  2. dewolay cutlet with chanterelle sauce, potatoes, salad, compote
  3. pork neck with horseradish sauce, potatoes, salad, compote
  4. orena cutlet (apple stuffed with minced meat wrapped in pork loin), potatoes, salad, compote
  5. Porkhead (pork, tomato, ham, pineapple, cheese)

Additionally, you can order dinner:
– apple pie + coffee (tea)
– cheesecake + coffee (tea)

Price of breakfast – served individually:
A plate of cold snacks (cured meat, cheese, cheese, butter, jam, tomato, cucumber), bread, tea, scrambled eggs or sausages.

The price of breakfast – a Swedish table:
Coffee table: coffee, tea, sugar milk, lemon.
Cold breakfast snacks: cold meats, cheese, cottage cheese, jam, butter, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread: white bread, dark bread with sunflower, bread rolls.
Hot snacks: scrambled eggs, fried eggs, sausages, fried sausage, milk, corn flakes.